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The Most Profitable Internet Marketing Strategy Ever
by: Houa Yang
So what's the most profitable internet marketing strategy you can apply to your business right now and start profiting from it for years to come?

It's having your own responsive mailing list.

Here's how it works:

You CAN start today by collecting the names and email addresses of people who's interested in what you're selling. And start selling it to them.

There is no doubt about it, owning a responsive mailing list is THE most profitable thing you can do online. It's more profitable than ...

Writing eBooks or reports.

Getting thousands of visitors to your site.

Having the hottest sales copy on the Internet.

Having a "top 1%" Alexa rating.

Being the smartest person on the planet.

It's even more profitable that having an army of affiliates!

Or ANY other ONE thing that you can do online.

Having your own responsive mailing list means that you can make offers week after week for YEARS, and your list will faithfully buy what you recommend. Now THAT'S marketing power!

If that sounds good to you ... keep reading.

The only way to reliably have a mailing list that is HIGHLY responsive is to build it yourself. The good news is that building a list of your own is actually VERY easy when you know how.

In fact, you probably have the seeds of a small list right now, even though you might not know it.

Let me be 100% clear. You do NOT need an advanced degree in marketing, need a big time "guru" reputation, have to spend thousands of dollars, or a huge mailing list.

All you need is to have something to say, and to learn HOW (and when) to say it in a way that gets subscribers to take action now!

To help you get started building your own profitable list here's a few marketing tips that you can apply today:

You can work together with other site owners. The idea here is that you get traffic that I'll never see, and I get traffic you'll never see. So, we make an agreement that allows us each to benefit from the other's traffic.

The most common form of this is what is called a "thank you page private co-registration". That's a fancy way of saying that I'll show your subscription form on the thank you page of my website, and you'll show my subscription form on the thank you page of your site.

The thank you pages involved here can be found in a variety of places. Each one has the common denominator that they are viewed after a visitor takes action. This is good, because studies show that visitors who take one action are likely to take another action.

Here are some common thank you pages where you can place your subscription form:

After a sale is made.
After someone subscribes to an ezine.
After they download a free gift.
After they complete a survey.

The possibilities are endless, and this is one of the most underused marketing methods around.

So if you can find a site that compliments your site, these arrangements can be a powerful list building method.

About the author:
YES YOU CAN build a powerful mailing list! Having your
own mailing list is THE most profitable thing you can
do online. Don't put it off ... begin building your
list today. It's easy! Just visit:

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