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How To Make Money Seven Days A Week, Literally!
by: Marvin Haycock
Don't let the simplicity of this very short report mislead you. You can literally make money everyday if you put the structure mentioned in this report into place.

Over the past year I've sent out one email per week to some of my mailing lists and have always received at least one sale from each of those mailings so…

Here's the secret…

Create seven (7) separate mailing lists and send one mailing to one of those lists everyday.

Each of the subscribers on your list would only receive one email per week and out of those subscribers you are almost assured of making at least one sale from each mailing.

Things to remember…

If you want to make use of this marketing model then build each lists using different traffic sources. You want to try and avoid overlap as much as possible. You don't want the same people receiving all of the same offers.

You DON'T need to promote a new product in every mailing. It's a proven fact that (if you have a good product to promote) you will make sales from your second, third or even fourth and fifth mailings for the same product.

With that in mind you only need to find between 10-20 quality products to promote over the course of a full year.

You won't make a million dollars online but you can definitely earn a decent fulltime income from this system.

About the author:
Marvin Haycock is the world's premier Internet Marketing Super-Spy. Find out how easy it is to make money online by accessing his Secret Agent Reports free at his website:

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