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Do You Have Marketing ADD?
by: Stephanie Frank
So you have a website, email address, and you're getting your newsletter out there (well, at least a little bit). You've been to seminars, bought information about how to promote your site, and you're ready to implement.

You decide to start creating keywords for search engines. Then, someone tells you to do pay per click, ezine advertising, write articles, participate in discussion forums, start a blog, update your newsletter, write a sales letter, write a better headline, automate your mailing list, do joint ventures...Ack! This marketing stuff is hard!

It doesn't have to be that way. Before you dive into the specifics of any marketing campaign, you must know first exactly what you want to accomplish with your efforts. There are 3 major results you will receive with your marketing:

1. Visibility -- Visibility is getting your company or product name out there to your marketing. One of the best ways to get visibility is simply to advertise. You can advertise in online or offline publications that are read by your target market -- the people who will want to buy your company's product.

2. Credibility -- To get credibility, one must get an endorsement by another person or company. This result is most useful for independent service professionals who need to be known as an expert to get clients. Credibility can be easily produced through writing articles, speaking or press releases.

3. One-To-One Connection -- Once you have prospects or customers, you will want to keep them up to date and informed of your products or services. This can be done in the form of a simple thank note, or in a more broad sense through the use of technology such as newsletters. One-on-one connection builds and maintains relationships with your prospects so when they are ready to buy, they come to you.

Once you know the end result you want to achieve, you can then begin to drill down into the specific strategies and tactics that you can use to achieve that end result. For example, if you need credibility and decide to write articles, then study the specific article format that successful article writers use to generate traffic to their website. Get really good at ONE THING and watch your profits soar!

About the author:
Stephanie Frank is an internationally known author and speaker. Take the free quiz "Do You Have What It Takes To Be The Next Accidental Millionaire?" and receive $1,574 of business building tools and resources at

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